About Us

About Us

Welcome to TLF Performance Parts, your OEM and Aftermarket auto parts dealer. We created this website because of the passion for the auto parts industry, keeping all of our customers in mind who need quality OEM and Aftermarket auto parts at the lowest price. With 14 years of experience in various auto dealers such as Audi/VW, Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, GM, Ford, Nissan/Infiniti in the Service and Parts department, we have working knowledge and hands on experience when it comes to finding the best parts for your vehicle.

We specialize in aftermarket parts for European, Asian and Domestic vehicles that are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that the quality of our parts are high and the same as from the in store dealer but at a cheaper price. We advise and give our customers parts options and prices that best suit their needs and wants guaranteed. That’s why we have built this user friendly website where you can see all the top brand parts that’s in inventory for your vehicle.

We also understand the need to get a part as fast as possible so we have expedited same day shipping so you can expect your part in 3 business days. Also for our local customers we have same day delivery in NYC, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey or offer customer pick at our location.

Please feel free to ask any questions about any of your auto parts needs by using our Contact Us page or by calling us toll free at our number. Thank you for choosing us as your auto parts provider, we are here to get you the best quality parts for a low price.


The answer comes down to saving money, because aftermarket parts are manufactured by the same companies as the original parts that are in your vehicle at the time of purchase. Therefore aftermarket parts cost less and have the same high quality as dealer parts but minus the packaging logo of the dealer/vehicle manufacturer.