How Long Do Fuel Injectors Last?

Fuel injectors spray carefully calculated amounts of fuel into your engine. The best quality fuel injectors can last up to 100,000-miles, or even longer. On the other hand, some OEM makes may fail before your car hits 50,000 miles.

Why such a huge discrepancy between these figures? Simply because not all fuel injectors are created equal

Factors Affecting Fuel Injector Lifespan

Many factors influence the longevity of your fuel injectors in everyday driving. These include:

  • Fuel Quality: Poor quality fuels can clog up the injectors - and adding a fuel additive is unlikely to fix the problem.

  • Driving Habits: Avoid frequent short trips and extended periods spent idling. This will cause deposits to build up in your injectors.

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Clogged up fuel filters begin to fail and allow dirt particles to flow through to the fuel injectors. These particles can create a blockage and limit performance.

Fuel Injector Quality

High quality fuels, longer trips and regular servicing all help prolong your injector’s lifespan. But the most important factor in fuel injector longevity is quality. A high-quality injector will operate at peak efficiency for longer. It will also stand up to heavy, regular use without prematurely failing. Below we'll compare OEM quality fuel injectors with TLF Performance Parts injectors so you can learn about the differences.


OEM Injectors

  • Cheaper Price: OEM injectors sometimes cost less than our TLF Performance Parts. Inferior components often do.
  • Built to OEM Standards: An OEM fuel injector is guaranteed to work the same as your original components. That may not always be a good thing. Often the issue that caused the original injectors to fail in the first place will be present in these OEM replacement parts too.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee: OEM injectors will come with a manufacturer warranty against defects. But not all warranties are equal, so be sure you read the fine print first.

TLFP Injectors

  • Top Quality Components: All our injectors are remanufactured using premium components. Often to a higher quality standard than OEM parts. For example, we only use titanium or stainless steel in our injectors. Carbon steel (commonly found in OEM injectors) corrodes very quickly.
  • Remanufactured In The USA: Your OEM injector may have been manufactured anywhere in the world. To varying quality levels. Our remanufactured fuel injectors are made right here in the USA. This ensures consistent quality and superb service.
  • We Offer An Industry-Best Warranty: Some OEM injectors are built down to a price. TLF Performance Parts fuel injectors are built up to a standard. Our injector testing procedure is also one of the most comprehensive in the industry. That is why we can offer an industry best warranty.
  • Custom built injectors

If you have a classic vehicle or a highly modified one, we can custom design a fuel injector to your exacting needs - and we include a Fuel Injector Flow Rate test report with every order.

Fuel Injector Size

OEM fuel injectors are designed to meet the manufacturer’s performance requirements. Sometimes they even specify different injector sizes for the same engine. Higher flow injectors usually cost more.

Quality Workmanship Every Time

Quality workmanship and components don’t come cheap. At TLF Performance Parts, we pride ourselves in creating "Better Than OEM" OEM Injectors. You may pay a bit more, but the savings come from a longer lifespan and superior injector performance.

With over 20-years of experience, we are experts in refurbishing old injectors to make them flow like new again. You can order with confidence knowing every injector we sell comes with a flow rate test report and an industry best warranty.

If you are ready to get your TLF Performance Parts fuel injectors, then contact us here. If you need some expert advice first, then chat with our founder, Tom Folder and get the professional input you need.