How Do You Know If Your Fuel Injectors Are Bad?

Faulty fuel injectors can cause havoc with your car. Fixing or replacing them will help prevent serious engine damage and improve your car’s performance.

TLF Performance Parts has decades of experience in testing, cleaning, and remanufacturing injectors. Read on to see how to identify faulty injectors and what to do next.

Identifying Bad Fuel Injectors

Injectors can get damaged from poor quality fuel, corrosive injector cleaners and clogged fuel filters.

When an injector gets clogged or dirty, the fuel going to your engine will be restricted. This can cause a lean fuel/air mixture which in some cases may damage your engine. Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Difficulty starting
  • Uneven idling
  • Bad gas mileage
  • Poor performance
  • Smell gas

If your car is struggling to start, won’t idle or feels slower than usual, you may have faulty fuel injectors. If you smell gas and your stalling while idling or experiencing a rough idle, your fuel injectors may be stuck open. Has the ‘check engine’ light also illuminated? Then you should immediately get your injectors checked out.

Should You Clean Or Replace Your Injectors?

If you suspect that your injectors are faulty, you can test them using these simple methods.

If you find you need to remove them, use this handy tutorial and let TLF Performance Parts analyze them for you.

We can test your injectors for $15 each and provide a detailed flow test report. If your car is an older model or has covered over 75,000-miles, then it may be worth having the injectors rebuilt.

We can clean and rebuild them for you for as little as $30 per injector. Many of our customers find it more cost-effective to rebuild their old injectors.

You Could Also Upgrade Them Instead

  • Increase injector lifespan
  • Improve performance
  • Make the most of other engine mods

OEM injectors are designed to work with a stock engine. If your car is modified or has done many thousands of miles, those OEM injectors may no longer be good enough.

TLF Performance Parts manufactures custom injectors for a wide variety of vehicles. Upgrade your injectors to restore lost power and unleash the potential of your modified engine.

We use better than OEM components. So TLF Performance injectors can often provide improved performance without a fuel economy hit.

Why TLF Performance Parts Injectors Are Superior

We don’t just rebuild old injectors with the original parts. We remanufacture them with better than OEM components. That is why we can offer an industry best 1-year warranty.

Take a look at our range of over 1,400 fuel injectors for cars and trucks. If you need some expert advice, contact our founder Tom Folder. When you are ready to order your injectors give us a call on 618-715-8200 or contact us online.