How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade My Fuel Injectors?

For more power, you need more fuel. More fuel needs more air. Larger turbos, free-flow exhausts and upgraded intakes all work better with high-flow injectors.

Why Upgrade?

OEM fuel injectors are designed to provide the stock amount of fuel to your stock engine. If you are looking for a performance boost, then upgraded injectors are essential for several reasons:

  • To Replace Worn OEM Injectors
  • To Increase Service Life
  • Improving Overall Performance
  • To Match Upgraded Engine Components

OEM injectors can last up to 100,000-miles if they have been looked after (learn more about fuel injector lifespan in this post). Even the best injectors will eventually wear out. Replacing them with upgraded components can yield a longer service life - and better performance (especially if you have upgraded or high-performance engine components already installed).

Cost Factors

You can expect to pay from $90 to $150 for a set of high-performance injectors for a four-cylinder car. For example, it costs $88.99 for four injectors for a 2021 Ford Escape. At the other end of the scale, eight premium performance fuel injectors for a 2006 Cadillac CTS costs $480.90.

The total cost to upgrade your fuel injectors depends on several factors:

  • Engine Type
  • Number of Cylinders
  • Fuel Injector Size
  • Engine Modifications
  • Fuel System Issues

Engine Type

Small displacement engines will have lower flow injectors as standard. They are less expensive to replace. High-horsepower, high-performance engines already have high-flow fuel injectors. Upgrading these will usually cost more.

Number of Cylinders

In most modern engines, each cylinder needs a fuel injector. The more cylinders your engine has, the more fuel injectors you will need. Many cars these days have four-cylinder engines. If you are upgrading a V8 muscle car or V12 engine European exotic, then your cost will go up.

Fuel Injector Size

OEM fuel injectors are designed to meet the manufacturer’s performance requirements. Sometimes they even specify different injector sizes for the same engine. Higher flow injectors usually cost more.

Engine Modifications

Fitting upgraded fuel injectors to your car may not immediately increase your performance. You may need a customer engine tune or a bigger air intake. This can help get the most from extra fuel injected into the engine.

Fuel System Issues

If your fuel system is not functioning properly, the upgraded injectors won’t fix your issues. Check that your fuel pump is working correctly. And replace your fuel filter before you install your new injectors.

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