How To Fix Dirty Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors tend to last a long time, but several factors can clog them up and shorten their lifespan. Dirty injectors can also damage your engine if left for too long. That’s why getting them fixed should be a top priority.

Signs That Your Injectors Are Dirty

  • Hard starting
  • Rough idling and running
  • High fuel consumption
  • Slow acceleration
  • Gas smell

Insufficient fuel delivered to your engine will be immediately noticeable. Is your car struggling to start, running rough or feeling out of breath up hills? The fuel injectors may be clogged or damaged. This can be due to poor quality fuel or a damaged fuel filter.

You may even see your ‘check engine' light come on. The best thing to do to avoid any damage is to remove the injectors and get them inspected.

The Self-Help Option

You may want to use a fuel injection cleaning additive or solvent. It is cheap and all you must do is pour it in your gas tank. But these chemicals can cause more harm than good. They may not be able to dissolve or move larger blockages. And the harsh additives can damage sensitive engine components. Read more on fuel additives here.

Professional Fuel Injector Services

A far better option is to have your injectors professionally cleaned and rebuilt. The first step is to remove your injectors. Follow our handy DIY injector removal guide here.

TLF Performance Parts offers a fuel injector cleaning and rebuilding service for as little as $25 per injector. Some OEM injectors use carbon steel which corrodes quickly. We only use premium components like titanium and stainless steel for our injectors. That is why we can create "Better Than OEM" OEM Injectors. We don’t rebuild externally leaking or poor-quality fuel injectors.

If you are uncertain whether your injectors are at fault, we also offer a professional fuel injector testing service. We test your injectors under a variety of conditions and loads. We charge $15 per injector and provide a detailed flow test report. If you then decide to buy replacement injectors, we are ready to help.

Replacing Your Injectors

TLF Performance has over 20-years of experience in cleaning and rebuilding fuel injectors. We are always ready to assist you in case you want to buy replacement injectors or even custom-built ones.

Every TLF Performance injector is built to a very high standard. And comes with an industry-best 1-year warranty. Give us a call today at 618-715-8200. Or contact us online and get your dirty injectors professionally repaired.