800cc Flow Rate, High Performance Fuel Injector, Remanufactured from Genuine Bosch Cores.
  • High Performance Fuel Injector - 3 Bar / 800cc - Single Injector
  • High Performance Fuel Injectors May Require ECU Tuning and Fuel System Modification. If you have questions please contact TLF Performance Parts
  • High Performance Fuel Injector 800cc Flow Rate 3 Bar Single Injector
  • Guaranteed OEM Direct Fit and Stability. Direct Drop-in Replacement Means no Fuel System or ECM tuning required

S-787-800cc-1    P311-33B9CD4 New

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= OEM Flow and Factory Specifications. Drop-in Replacement. No fuel system or ECM tuning required.
= OEM Flow but Better Quality Injector - Lasts Longer, Increased Gas Mileage, and Faster Acceleration. All around Better Performance. Drop-in Replacement. No fuel system or ECM tuning required.
= For Street Racing. Higher Flow Rates, Higher Output, Race Quality. More Fuel = More Power. Fuel system or ECM tuning may be required. Professional Installation
TLF Performance Fuel Injectors are nationally known for quality and precision. Racers and enthusiasts count on TLF Performance Fuel Injectors every weekend, while our OEM Replacement Fuel Injectors are used on everything from recent classics to late-model vehicles that need a quality replacement injector. Our fuel injectors are special because they are remanufactured using only stainless steel or titanium internal moving components, each injector's integrated filter is replaced with a premium 20(um) brass filter, and all o-rings are replaced with Viton nitrile rubber o-rings. We also rigorously test every injector for precise fuel flow before it's shipped, simulating both race and street use. Every injector is also also pressure tested for leaks, and we include testing documentation with each injector so you can see the test results for yourself. All our injectors are remanufactured in Eldorado, Illinois, from premium quality OEM injector casings. NOTE: When installing new high performance fuel injectors in your vehicle, you may need to update ECU tuning and/or upgrade other fuel system components. Also, the injectors you receive may not be the same color as those shown in the image. Injectors may also have original markings that do not reflect the actual specs of your injector - be sure to review the included test results if you have questions about flow rate.

Product Attributes

  • Core Part: Bosch
  • Flow Rate: 800cc
  • Fuel Injection Type: Oem Replacement
  • Operating Pressure: Oem
  • Vehicle Type: Cars & Trucks

Interchange/Part Number Cross Reference

This Product fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers)

Notice to Buyers - TLF Performance Parts High Performance Fuel Injectors may require fuel system modification and/or ECU (Engine Control Unit) programming. If you have questions please contact TLF Performance Parts.
Brand Part # Type Quality Grade
0-280-156-023 substitute premium
0-280-156-028 substitute premium
0-280-156-061 substitute premium
Brand Part # Type Quality Grade
Bosch 0280156023 substitute premium
Bosch 0280156028 substitute premium
Bosch 0280156061 substitute premium
Beck/Arnley 155-0557 substitute premium
BWD 67415 substitute premium
BWD 67489 substitute premium
Brand Part # Type Quality Grade
Bosch 280156023 substitute premium
Bosch 280156028 substitute premium
Bosch 280156061 substitute premium

Additional Fitment Information

Vehicle Aspiration Fuel Type Cylinder Head Type Block Engine CID CC
2004 - Mercedes-Benz C320 Naturally Aspirated GAS SOHC V 6 Cyl 3.2L - 3199


0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 in

1.00 lbs